Learn About The History Of Blanchester Ohio

Blanchester in the Nineteenth Century

Blanchester's history only dates back to the nineteenth century, which is the case for many surrounding areas as well. Its history began in the year 1832.  Joseph and John Blancett laid out the area and founded it, and Blanchester gets its name from this pair.

People might find the Blanchester name interesting, partly because it is so singular. Many American towns and cities have names that were directly adapted from England. Other areas within the United States get their names from words and phrases in different Native American languages. It's common to find communities within the United States that will all have the same name.

However, Blanchester is the only community of its kind in this way. There are no other 'Blanchesters' in the world. There is no confusion when talking about this community. Some people take pride in this today, noting that unique community names are fairly rare in modern times, and that a lot of people might be interested in the fact that Blanchester is so different in this way.

Blanchester and Railroads

The age of the railroad was great for Blanchester, OH in general. Given the location of Blanchester, OH, it made sense that it would benefit from this new era. Even today, Blanchester has managed to function as something of a central location that allows people to reach a lot of other locations within Ohio. There are plenty of great historical sites that are located near Blanchester, even if they are not located within Blanchester. This is the same for a lot of the other characteristics of Blanchester in general.

Blanchester was once a stop on the Baltimore & Ohio's National & National Limited. The age of the railroad has faded in the United States. Public transportation never took off in the United States the way it did in a lot of other areas. Railroads still operate today, but they are not anywhere near as profitable and prominent as they once were. People today have to go from place to place using the massive interstate highway that was constructed in the mid-twentieth century.

However, even today, the Indiana & Ohio Railway services Blanchester. People can see evidence of the area's railroad heritage in its layout and design, giving people a link to its nineteenth century past.

Blanchester in Modern Times

With a population of only4,243 people, Blanchester is certainly a very small community today. A lot of people have not heard of it, although this is something that could change in the future. Many Americans are looking for cheaper places to live, and Blanchester OH has a lower cost of living compared with a good portion of other communities.

Blanchester Showplace Cinemas is actually famous for the fact that its first run movie theater seating is so inexpensive. This is a symbol of the entire community, really, and it's one of the reasons why a lot of people might be interested in it. Plenty of people live in Blanchester and travel elsewhere, which was more or less the case in the nineteenth century as well.