Top Things You Can Do In Blanchester To Have Fun In 2017

Blanchester, OH is a town situated along the Clinton/Warren County line. It was first established by Joseph and John Blancett in 1832 and is today the second largest village in Clinton County. The 7.6 square miles town offers a bevy of attraction sites to visit. To that end, you can enjoy unique and fascinating activities in the city including:

Visiting the World's Biggest Horseshoe Crab

Along 664 West Main Street, Blanchester, OH, rests the largest horseshoe crab in the world. The crab is a 12 feet tall, 24 feet wide hollow where you can walk in and relish its interior view. Outdoor ceremonies such as weddings are also held in this spectacular spot.

Hunt in the Della Gates & Edward Charles Bott Wildlife Area

The 168-acre wildlife area has an approximately 50 percent of grassland, 25 percent of bush land, and 25 percent of mature woods. Here, you can hunt for different animals including wild boars, beaver, Canada goose, mourning dove, quail, raccoon, and rabbits among others. Besides, the various species of birds in the area offer a breathtaking view.


Blanchester is a destination for shoppers where antique hunters and collectors come to browse through the shops and malls that spread through the historic downtown. Also, you can visit the several groceries that stock organically grown food and flowers.

Jump in the parties and nightlife

Life can never be boring when there are fantastic nightclubs, parties, and pub-crawls to join in. Check out the town's pool parties, nightlife events, DJ nights, trance festivals, and much more. Dance to the beats while exploring the parties and nightlife in Blanchester, OH.

Indulge in the food festivals, culinary art, and potluck gatherings

For the food bloggers, food stylists, caffeine junkie, gourmet chef, or simply keen foodies, Blanchester is the place to be. The town hosts incredible events including cooking workshops, food truck festivals, buffet on wheels, street food fair, wine and beer tasting, and potluck gatherings among others. Also, the Blanchester restaurants offer sumptuous delicacies- from Chinese, Japanese, to local cuisines. Thus, whether you seek for a romantic dining destination or just a casual spot to get together with family and friends, Blanchester culinary has you covered.

Visit the Blanchester Park

The park has picnic benches, grills, a network of trails where you can enjoy biking or hiking while taking in the serene environment. If you have kids, the park has an extensive playground where they can play Frisbees, volleyball, jump ropes, or kiting (if it's windy) among other games.

Have Fun at the Dirt Country Raceway

The Dirt Country Raceway, located at 6911 S State Route 133, Blanchester, Ohio is open from March to October every year. Here you can engage in the AMA sanctioned motocross, Figure 8 Races, Mud drags, Demolition derbies, and Dirt Drags. The price of admission will cover fishing and camping from Friday to Sunday every weekend.

Visit the Blanchester Public Library

The Blanchester public library offers free educational and cultural resources where you can learn about the very intriguing and diverse history of the town.

Blanchester OH is a town like no other. With an exhaustive list of remarkable attractions, the village is an excellent place to engage in adventurous and entertainment activities.