2017 Must See Landmarks In Blanchester Ohio

There comes a time when you run out of ideas on places to visit especially if you are not familiar with the area. If you happen to travel to Blanchester this holiday, you don't have to be stuck in your hotel room or spend the whole day in the swimming pool. There are outstanding landmarks you should consider visiting. The landmarks in the area have a rich history worth taking time to understand. Here is a look at the top landmarks to visit in Blanchester OH.

Peters Cartridge Company

This is a historic company built in 1916. Peters Cartridge Company was known to produce gunpowder and ammunition including cannon balls and bullets for the Union during the Civil War. The walls of this company are still old and so are the stories surrounding the building of the company. They say the spirits of workers killed in accidental explosions still dwell in the buildings. This is what makes it a landmark and a place you will want to visit when you are in Blanchester.

Owensville Town Hall

This is another historic building that was formerly a church. During the civil war, a Calvary was met by resistance from an old man armed with a shotgun inside the building. This is, in fact, the reason why this building is historic. This building is only 14 miles from Blanchester and a place you will want to visit for some historical lessons.

Chateau Laroche

This is a historic castle and museum people from across the state and abroad come to pay a visit. It is from this building that a girl in a long dress walked on water; so they say. There are Vikings and everything you will expect in a museum. This is a landmark known by everybody in Blanchester so you can never get lost.

Snow Hill Country Club

Snow Hill Country Club is another historic landmark in Blanchester you should consider visiting and taking pictures as well. It was built in the 1820s as a home for the Harris family. But what's historic about this place is the fact that it became a country club and golf course way back in 1924. Visitors are attracted to the "Dinner and a Ghost" events that introduce them to the haunts.

Golden Lamb Inn

If you don't pay a visit to the Golden Lamb Inn then consider your holiday in Blanchester incomplete. This is a place ten presidents, including John Quincy Adamas, have spent a night. It started its operation from 1803 and that's what makes it remarkable. Mark Twain and Harriet Beecher Stowe are also some of the popular guests who spent some time at the charming Golden Lamb Inn. So make sure you check out this landmark before you pack your bags.

Kings Island Amusement Park

There are many rumors that surround this remarkable landmark. It is said that this park that opened in 1972 had a 1840s graveyard called Dog Street Cemetery. That aside, this park offers a cool and quiet environment you will love. So this is the place you should go and relax after a long day of work.